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Tales of Galicia
by Andrzej Stasiuk
translated from the Polish by Margarita Nafpaktitis
Twisted Spoon Press, January 2003

A high-school expellee, pacifist, army deserter, and contributor to underground journals, Andrzej Stasiuk is now one of Poland’s most highly regarded contemporary writers. This, perhaps his most intriguing book, is a portrait of an imaginary village in a depressed economic backwater whose inhabitants have been largely reduced by economic reforms to unemployment and drink. But Stasiuk has a Hrabalian flare for language and description that turns the banality and drudgery of their lives into poetry. And he brilliantly blurs the line not only between the short story and the novel, but between life and death, dream and reality, civilization and nature.
“Andrzej Stasiuk's work is so original that nothing else needs to be said about it.” - Lidove noviny
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