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A History Contest of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the best publication promoting the history of Poland and Polish diplomacy

The Minister of Foreign Affairs announces a history contest for the best foreign language publication promoting Poland's history and the best paper in Polish regarding the history of Polish diplomacy, published in 2015 and 2016.

Historians can submit their works till 15th of September, 2017.

Academic monographs, popular science publications, and source editions - written by no more than three authors may be submitted for the Contest. Monetary rewards amounting to 10,000 Euro and 20,000 PLN are respectively provided for the winner of the competition in the category of foreign language publication promoting history of Poland and the best author of the publication handling the history of Polish diplomacy.

The Contest prizes are awarded by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, at the request of the Historical Diplomacy Council.

Paper submitting rules:

Forwarding the publications till 15th of September, 2017 is a condition of the participation in the contest (date of receipt by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is critical).

Dissertations intended for the contest should be provided in the form of 3 copies, preferably with published reviews, opinions and editorial reviews enclosed, if possible.

This year's edition of the competition embraces exclusively publications released between 2015 and 2016.

We kindly ask you to send the papers to the following address: Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych, Departament Dyplomacji Publicznej i Kulturalnej (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Public and Cultural Diplomacy), Al. J. Ch. Szucha 23, 00-580 Warszawa, Poland; with a note "Konkurs Historyczny Ministra SZ" ("History Contest of the Minister of Foreign Affairs") on the envelope; or submit them at the Correspondence Register of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, al. J. Ch. Szucha 21, the entrance from ul. Litewska, between 8.15 and 16.15, from Monday to Friday.

Any inquiries regarding the annual history contest should be sent exclusively to the following address: and titled: "History Contest of the Minister of Foreign Affairs" ("Konkurs Historyczny Ministra SZ").

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not send back the copies of publications submitted for the contest.

Details of the contest are determined by the Order No. 24 of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of 18th July, 2017 on History Contest of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (along with attachments).

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