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International Ballet Festival of Miami,
The Polish Cultural Institute,
The American Institute of Polish Culture Inc., and
The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Miami,

Kompania Primavera

Thursday, September 7, 2006 - Friday, September 8, 2006

XI International Ballet Festival of Miami
Miami, FL

Kompania Primavera will present two excerpts from its performance Madryt 03. Directed and choreographed by Dariusz Lewandowski, Madryt 03 had its premiere on the second anniversary of the terrorist attack on the commuter trains in Madrid. This two-act drama is a solemn journey through the human soul, animated by expressive dance that employs physical theatre's modern techniques and the artistic illustration of contemporary customs. The artists touch uncomfortable subjects that one often keeps hidden deep inside, but that are very basic and even crucial for building mutual relations between people - subjects like tolerance, assimilation, homosexuality and religion. The suicide bombings in Madrid in 2004 are only a pretext for developing an artistic discussion about one's endeavor to define one's own identity.

Kompania Primavera involves theatre, music, and modern/contemporary dance, creating original artistic performances in the theatrical world as well as artistic frames for major commercial and TV events. The group's aim is to popularize music and dance theatre and to bring closer together s so-called high culture and the commercial character of public presentations.. Kompania coordinates the work of several dozen actors, dancers, musicians, set and light designers, and sound directors.

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