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New Books from Poland and History Worth Knowing

The Polish Book Institute has launched two catalogues of the latest and greatest Polish literary and historical writing.

In advance of last month’s Frankfurt International Book Fair, the Polish Book Institute launched "New Books from Poland 2018." Dariusz Jaworski, the Director of the Polish Book Institute, also presented a new catalogue: "Poland - History Worth Knowing."

Director Jaworski emphasized "New Books from Poland 2018" is to present the widest possible range of genres and themes, reflecting the richness of Polish contemporary literature. Jaworski drew attention to the strong representation of biographies in the catalogue, which is the result of this genre flourishing in Poland.

The catalogue includes established names such as Jaroslaw Marek Rymkiewicz, Wieslaw Mysliwski, and Olga Tokarczuk, alongside debut authors such as Pawel Soltys, Martyna Bunda, and Mariola Kruszewska.

The aim of the catalogue is to show new trends and tendencies in Polish literature, to present works that arouse a desire for debate, as well as to discover literary pearls among the publications of smaller publishers.

The catalogue "Poland - History Worth Knowing" was prepared for the centennial of Poland regaining its independence. It presents some of the most popular histories about Poland, addressing topics such as key figures in Poland’s independence struggle as well as biographies of great Poles who exerted a significant influence on the fate of Poland and the world in the last century.

"One cannot understand Poland without getting to know its rich past," says Mateusz Adamski, the Book Institute’s international programs specialist. At the same time, Adamski emphasizes that the books included in the catalogue are addressed to a wide audience, which is why "we focus on captivating stories, not academic books".

Catalogues to download:

New Books from Poland 2018

Poland – History Worth Knowing

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