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The American Dance Guild presents the International Festival

Global Dance Today

June 11-13, 2004
Columbia University
Sealy Mudd Bldg., 116th St. and Broadway, New York City

Meet artists who will give a picture of contemporary dance around the world: the forms it takes, its response to social needs, its reflection of artistic or political freedoms.

Highlighting Rare - recently discovered film
"precious footage of modern dance pioneers - Doris Humphrey, Martha Graham,
Hanya Holm, Charles Weidman, Erick Hawkins, Ted Shawn, Jose Limon, and Jane Dudley"
- Wendy Perron, Dance Magazine

featuring the
Lublin Dance Theatre / Contemporary Dance Group of the Lublin University of Technology

First-time only in the USA!
performing Optical Tract,
for which it won the 2001 International Festival of Modern Choreography Special Prize "extremely dynamic, expressive and masterly" - International Festival of Modern Choreography, Vitebsk
and Acrobats. Flowers and the Moon

"When one creates a performance based on Marc Chagall's work, the basic problem is whether it will include as much of the poetic mood that the paintings have. In this work each single part and scene are filled with it. We can find here some moments from The Birthday [1915], Three Acrobats [1926], Lovers in the Bunch of Flowers [1930] and from the later Chagall works: Comedians, The Great Circus and Great Parade. During this journey through Chagall's world, we are accompanied by his wife, Bella [Bella in the White Collar]. The moon is shining and the dancers are flying real magic." - Andrzej Molik, Kurier Lubelski

The Lublin Dance Theatre will give three workshops in their particular style of dance theatre.

Global Dance Today honors
Margie Gillis
Recipient of the 2004 ADG Award of Artistry
The Complex Simplicity of Love

"One doesn't come across the flamelike intensity of a dancer like Margie Gillis too often. In short, this dancer from Montreal is a knockout." - &Anna Kisselgoff, New York Times
"a LIVING legend -- she is like no one else." - Tom Patrick, The Dance Insider

Global Dance Today honors the
Capezio Ballet Makers Dance Foundation, Inc.
Recipient of the 2004 ADG Award for Outstanding Service to the Field
and presents
Lublin Dance Theatre and many other groups as part of its annual series

The Mary Ann Malkin Concerts
Merce Cunningham Dance Space, 55 Bethune St, NYC
Reservations: 212.769.3789 - Limited seating, Admission $20

Friday, June 11 @ 9:30 pm
Lublin Dance Theatre/Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology

Saturday, June 12 @ 8:30 pm
Margie Gillis
High Frequency Wavelengths
Andrew Jannetti
Todd Kurtzman Movement Arts
Li Chiao-Pin
Nina Winthrop and Dancers

Sunday, June 13 @ 8 pm
Balam Dance Theater
Blue Muse Dance
Brazz Dance Theater
Tina Croll and Dancers
Gavaler Danceworks
Gloria McLean
Philip NealNaeko Shikano

Invited Festival Speakers

Rosalind Newman, Keynote Address; Choreographer, Senior Lecturer, Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts, Laban Institute, London

Dr. Margaret Carlson; Vice President, ADG; Former Dean, School of Dance, Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts

Marilynn Danitz; President, ADG; Juror, National Competition of Dance, Belarus

Ellen Fisher; Performance art ethnocentric

Margie Gillis; Choreographer

Assane Konte; Artistic Director, Kankouran West African Dance Company

Jane Remer; Executive Director, Capezio Ballet Makers Dance Foundation, Inc.

Naeko Shikano; Choreographer

Susan Sgorbati; Associate Professor, Bennington College

Mayuna Shimizu; Artistic Director, Blue Muse

Augusto Soledade; Artistic Director, Brazz Dance Theater

Julie Strandberg; Co-director, American Dance Legacy Institute

Hanna Strzemiecka; Artistic Director, Lublin Dance Theatre/Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin Technical University

Anne Wilson Wangh; Founder , Dance Library of Israel

Global Dance Today is supported in part by the Capezio Ballet Makers Dance Foundation, Inc., Harkness Foundation for Dance, public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and Mary Ann Malkin.

Cultural Exchange Program in Modern Dance

The American Dance Guild has been developing cultural exchange programs in modern dance with several countries abroad since 2000. The purpose of these programs is to further the art of dance throughout the world. The first program was started with the dance community of Poland. This program was designed to assist the dance community of Poland to have contemporary dance recognized in their country as an art form worthy of academic accreditation. The American Dance Guild has played a major role in having dance accredited as a degree program in colleges and universities throughout the United States. The presentation of the Lublin Dance Theatre and Contemporary Dance Group of the Lublin University of Technology in "Global Dance Today" is part of the ADG's cultural exchange with Poland.
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