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1. The FOUND IN TRANSLATION AWARD is a newly established award of the Polish Book Institute, the Polish Cultural Institute in London, the Polish Cultural Institute in New York, and the W.A.B. Publishing House in Warsaw, to be given annually to the translator or translators of the best translation of a work of Polish literature into English that was published as a book in the preceding calendar year.
2. The Award can be divided among two or more translators only in the case of collective translations. Such division is to be made by the Selection Committee, which will also decide which of the laureates will be given a residency and study grant.

1. The Award consists of a three-month residency in Krakow, with lodging, a stipend in the net amount of 2,000 PLN monthly, an airline ticket to and from Krakow funded by the Polish Book Institute, and a financial award of 10,000 PLN funded by the W.A.B. Publishing House.
2. The Award is given by a Selection Committee consisting of representatives of the Polish Book Institute, Polish Cultural Institute in London, and Polish Cultural Institute in New York. The Director of the Polish Book Institute is to be President of the Selection Committee.
3. The Selection Committee decides on the basis of consensus, valid only if all three members of the Selection Committee participate. The form of reaching the consensus is chosen by the Selection Committee itself: a meeting of all members is not required; it can also be organized over the internet.
4. The name of the laureate is to be announced during the award ceremony, which will be organized each year in the laureate's country of origin, preferably during the International Book Fair in that country. The cost of travel and lodging of a laureate in London would be covered by the Polish Cultural Institute in London; in U.S. cities, by the Polish Cultural Institute in New York. In the case of a laureate living in a country other than the UK or U.S., decisions about the location of the award ceremony and mutual cost-sharing will be made by the Selection Committee.
5. Selection Committee members are obliged to keep the name of the laureate secret until the Award has been announced.

1. Candidates for the Award can be nominated by private persons as well institutions in Poland and abroad.
2. Nominations are to be sent to the Polish Book Institute, 31-011 Kraków, ul. Szczepanska 1, Poland, e-mail with the subject-heading FOUND IN TRANSLATION.
3. The nomination is to include the book title, name of the author, name of the translator, publisher, and a statement of the reasons for the nomination.
4. The deadline for sending nominations is January 31 of each year, by midnight.

The Members of the Selection Committee do not receive payment for their work on the Committee. The institutions they represent will cover eventual costs of travel and lodging related to their work on the Committee.

The Award was officially established on October 15, 2007.


2008 - Bill Johnston, Tadeusz Rozewicz, New Poems (Archipelago Books, New York, 2007).
2009 - Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Pawel Huelle, The Last Supper (Serpents Tail, 2008).
2010 - Danuta Borchardt, Witold Gombrowicz, Pornografia (Grove/Atlantic, 2009).
2011 - Clare Cavanagh and Stanislaw Baranczak, Wislawa Szymborska, Here (Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt, 2010). 
2012Joanna Trzeciak, Tadeusz Rozewicz, Sobbing Superpower (W.W. Norton, 2011)
2013Antonia Lloyd-Jones for the entirety of her output in 2012: Pawel Huelle Cold Sea Stories (Comma Press), Jacek Dehnel Saturn (Dedalus Press), Zygmunt Miloszewski A Grain of Truth (Bitter Lemon Press), Artur Domoslawski Ryszard Kapuscinski, A Life (Verso Books), Wojciech Jagielski The Night Wanderers (Seven Stories & Old Street Publishing), Andrzej Szczeklik Kore: On Sickness, the Sick and the Search for the Soul of Medicine (Counterpoint Press), Janusz Korczak Kaytek the Wizard(Urim Publications/Penlight Press)
2014 - Philip Boehm, Chasing the King of Hearts by Hanna Krall (Peirene Press, 2013)
2015 - Ursula PhillipsChoucas by Zofia Nalkowska(Northern Illinois University Press, 2014)
2016Bill JohnstonTwelve Stations by Tomasz Rozycki (Zephyr Press, 2015)

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