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Julita Wojcik (b. 1971, Gdansk, Poland) graduated in 1997 from the Sculpture Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in her native city of Gdansk, where she still currently lives and works. Her installation works, actions, and videos have been included in various exhibitions, such as At the Very Center of Attention, Part 8 (2006) at the Center for Contemporary Art "Zamek Ujazdowski", Warsaw, Poland; Under the Red and White Flag: New Art from Poland (2004), Center for Contemporary Art, Vilnius, Lithuania; Bialy Mazur (2003-2004) at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany and Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Krakow, Poland, and in Architectures of Gender: Contemporary Women's Art in Poland (2003) at SculptureCenter, New York.

Poland, Warsaw, Kordegarda Gallery, In the Hope and Impatiently
Italy, Roma, Polish Institute, From the Italian land to Poland... and back
Poland, Gdansk, PGRArt Gallery, 3 figure actions
Poland, Bytom, Elektropopclub, production team NieWojcik films' show, with Jacek Niegoda
Poland, Warsaw, Polish Culture Ministry's garden, Bird Tables points
Gdansk, garden in Gdansk, Exercises with Roses, figure action
Poland, Sopot, ice-ring, action Figure Skating
Poland, Bialystok, Arsenal Gallery, Complete, with accompaniment by Janina Tolysz


Sweden, Stockholm, Konstakuten Gallery, Tits' Bathouse, video and woollen sculptures
Hungary, Budapest, Platan Gallery, The Gems
Internet space project, When She will back? Does She will back? Greetings from the space

Poland, Warsaw, Giving An Interview, action: crocheting on the bus stops
Poland, Gdansk, Gradowa Hill, Sandpit With A View, action


Poland, Warsaw, Zacheta Gallery Peeling Potatoes, action in Maly Salon
Poland, Olsztyn, Ukiel lake, action Watercolours
Poland, Zielona Góra, BWA Gallery, Pond

Poland, Gdynia, action in the downtown, My Garden: 16 square meters garden with flowers and vegetables on the grass between the streets

Poland, Bydgoszcz, Mózg (Brain) Club, Washing the Brain
Poland, Warsaw, mobile gallery Bagatt, Entertainment at the opening of Scene 2000 at the Center for Contemporary art "Zamek Ujazdowski"
1998 Poland, Kartuzy, Refectory Gallery, The Tablecloth

Latvia, Riga, harbor space, Sense in Plase
Germany, Dresden, Motorenhalle, Inhabitancy
Hungary, Budapest, Trafo Gallery, How to Do Things? - In the Middle of (No Where) action in the city: Weather Forecast


Czech, Prague, Karlin Hall, Prague Biennale 2, Poland Overview
Serbia & Montenegro Belgrade, Galerija Beograd, Belgrade in the Past and Present
Macedonia, Skopje, Press to Exit Gallery, compulsive_handmades


Germany, Essen, Forum Kunst&Architectur, Far West, Near East, CABL 2A5340 1C45BL A>;=F5 (Let the Sun Shine Forever)
Russia, Under the Red and White Flag. New Art from Poland
Moscow, National Centre for Contemporary Arts
Nizny Tagil, Museum of Fine Arts
Nizny Novgorod, branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts Arsenal
Lithuania, Vilnius, Contemporary Art Centre
Eastland, Tallin, Art Museum of Estonia Rotermann's Salt Storage
France, St-Etienne, Musée d'Art Moderne, Passage d'Europe, video
France, Lille, Henin-Beaumont, Mediatheque Municipale, videoart Baltic

Sweden, Stockholm Art Fair Sollentuna, the action Waitresses. Installation, as a part of the exhibition Simon Says: Aloha To Polish Art

Austria, Vienna, action in the MuseumsQuartier's courtyard, The Magic Hackney Carriage, as a part of Public Rituals exhibition in Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
USA, New York City, Long Island City's Court House Square, action My Garden as a part of Architectures of Gender: Contemporary Women's Art from Poland in Sculpture Center
Germany, Berlin, Red, Orange, Green action in the city, as a part of an exhibition Bialy Mazur in Neuer Berliner Kunstverein


Germany, Hamburg, ArtGenda, Ponton Galerie on Elba river, Paint Your Own Plainer-Watercolours

Germany, Greifswald, ARS NOVI-99 5 International Workshop, Church tower St. Nikolas Gallery

Bielsko-Biala, Galeria Bielska BWA, Art Arsenal

Naleczow, former building of History of Cooperative Museum, Cooperative
Warsaw, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Egocentric. Immoral. Outmoded. Contemporary Images of Artists
Wroclaw, WRO05, International Media Art Biennale
Gdansk, Center for Contemporary Art "Laznia", Museum's Night

Lodz, Poznanski Palace, Palimpsest Museum, I Lodz Biennale: 100% cotton
Bytom, Kronika Gallery, Meeting Point
Wroclaw, Zielona Góra BWA Gallerys, Bustle II
Gdansk, Center for Contemporary Art "Laznia", SHAKE Hamlet or (rather) much about nothing; Wedutystka / View Maker action for the camera
Kostrzyn, Old Town ruins, Dialog Loci: Castle Reconstruction with balloons
Krakow, Bunkier Sztuki, Bialy Mazur
Krakow, Local Gallery, The Tablecloth
Bialystok, ArsenaB Gallery, The Bird Table
2003 Gdansk, Center for Contemporary Art Laznia, Public ReCollections
Kostrzyn, Bastion Gallery, Bastion of Art
Warsaw, office building, Art's Floors
Warsaw, Zacheta National Art Gallery, The Bird Table and The Sparrow
Gdansk, action in Shipyard, The Kites and Kites - Factory
Lodz, Ludwig Geyer's White Factory, action To Sweep Up After Textile Workers, as a part of the project Woman for a Soul in Manhattan Gallery
Warsaw, CDQ, mia100kobiet: The Sewing Machine Pattern

Gdansk, Center for Contemporary Art "Laznia", A Way of Life


Gdansk, Renovation of Shopenhauer's Park as a part of City Transformers in Center for Contemporary Art "Laznia": action with 3 goats as lawn mowers and park cleaners
Warsaw, Center for Contemporary Art "Zamek Ujazdowski", action at a restaurant Waitresses. Installation and Dicing Onions, as a part of the exhibition Really, Young Are Realist
Krakow, AMS outdoors gallery New Out at the opening of Nowart; billboard: Knitwear, Daily Pictures for Everyone
Gdansk, Spiz 7 Gallery, This Is, What Is Not That, painting on canvas
Warsaw, CDQ, mia100kobiet, Draws
Poznan, Contemporary Arts Centre Inner space, Maskarady
Warsaw, Center for Contemporary Art "Zamek Ujazdowski", Behind Postmodernism

Bialystok, action in the park Dog's Files as a part of the exhibition Relaks in Arsenal Gallery
Krakow, Bunkier Sztuki, Pop elita


Sopot, project A Dream of a Provincial Girl; co-organizer of the cycle of exhibitions in a small apartment with artists from Estonia, Lithuania, Scotland, and Poland
Gdansk, Spiz 7 gallery, Behind Postmodernism, video document My Garden
Krakow, Contemporary Arts Centre, project The Hills'000, Tresses on the Hills, wool


1995/6, 2001, 2003, 2005 Scholarship from the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Poland
2003 nomination in Deutche Bank Foundation Culture contest Spojrzenia 2003
2003 Scholarship from Pomeranian Region President for the project The Kites
2003 Grant from Department of International and Interregional Cooperation - Office of the Pomeranian Region President for the action Waitresses. Installation in Stockholm Art Fair Sollentuna
2002 Scholarship from Gdansk City for the project Mirror Image
Cultural exchange between Gdansk/Poland and Newcastle/England
2001 Scholarship from Polish Culture Foundation for the project Watercolours


Zacheta National Art Gallery in Warsaw, Poland
Arsenal Gallery in Bialystok, Poland
WarmiDsko-Mazurskie Towarzystwo Sztuk Pieknych in Olsztyn, Poland
Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel

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