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Courtesy of Mikolaj Trzaska
MIKOLAJ TRZASKA is a saxophonist, bass clarinetist, composer, and one of the founders of the "yass" scene in Poland (yass being a combination of new wave, free jazz, modern rock, and poetry). He started studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1987 and at that time met Ryszard Tymon Tymanski, who invited him to play in the group Milosc (Love). Fascinated by the life and music of John Coltrane, he started learning the saxophone, beginning on alto, which he still plays to this day. Milosc absorbed him so completely that he left the Academy after two years of study. In 1993 he founded the group Loskot (Clatter), which had its debut at the Gdynia Summer Jazz Days Festival. The following year he formed a duet, Maslo (Butter), together with Tymanski. In 2001 he left Milosc and concentrated on work with Loskot and solo projects. He also formed a trio - Oles/Trzaska/Oles - together with Marcin Oles, double bass, and Bartlomiej Oles, percussion. Trzaska has collaborated with Lester Bowie, Peter Broetzmann, Tomasz Stanko, John Tchikai, Noel Akchote, Joe Giardullo, Peter Ole Jorgensen, Clementine Gasser, Jan Luc Cappozzo, Adam Pieronczyk, and Leszek Mozdzer. He has recorded more than 30 albums, half of them his own self-composed projects. Considered one of the best Polish jazz musicians, he performs all over Europe. More recently he has been composing theatre music, while concentrating on solo projects. Since 2001 he and his wife Ola have been running an independent recording company, "Kilogram Records".

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