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Since his emergence on the creative jazz and new music scene in the late 1960s, JOE MCPHEE has been a deeply emotional composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist, as well as a thoughtful conceptualist and theoretician. McPhee's first recordings as leader appeared on the CjR label. These include Underground Railroads in 1969, Nation Time in 1970, and Trinity in 1971. By 1974, Swiss entrepreneur Werner X Uehlinger had become aware of McPhee's recordings and unreleased tapes, consequently deciding to form the Hut Hut recording label as a vehicle to release McPhee's work. In the 1980's McPhee met composer, accordionist, performer, and educator Pauline Oliveros, whose theories of deep listening strengthened his interest in extended instrumental and electronic techniques. He performs and records prodigiously, appearing on such labels as CIMP, Okkadisk, Music & Arts, and Victo.

Drummer JAY ROSEN has been an active member of the New York jazz scene since 1990. Since then he has been deeply involved in the creative improvised and new music scenes in New York City and beyond. He has earned a considerable reputation as a first-rate drummer, lending his talents to diverse musical projects. He has performed throughout Europe, Canada and the U.S. and has recorded with James Carte, Anthony Braxton, Steve Swell, Jaco Pastorius, William Parker, Roy Campbell, Sonny Simmons, and Charles Gayle among others

Courtesy of Joe McPhee

Courtesy of Jay Rosen

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