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Stairs (1968), dir. Stefan Schabenbeck, courtesy Polish Film Archive
ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS... / Byl sobie raz...
dir. Walerian Borowczyk & Jan Lenica, 1957, 9'

Once Upon a Time... was one of the first films initiating the Polish School of Animation - one of the most refreshing and interesting phenomena of Polish postwar culture. The artists playfully use simple geometrical shapes, collages and paper cutouts to freely associate abstract meanings.

/ Sztandar mlodych
dir. Walerian Borowczyk, 1958, 2'11"

Deeply rooted in the tradition of Polish surrealism, Borowczyk - known mostly for his arthouse erotic features filmed later in France - creates a fiddly, whimsical ad for a popular Polish magazine.

NEW BOOK / Nowa ksiazka
dir. Zbigniew Rybczynski, 1975, 10'

Always innovative, Oscar winner Rybczynski (Tango, 1983), uses the progressive split screen technique and sophisticated narration to depict time and space in a simple, everyday occurrence.

dir. Wlodzimierz Haupe, Halina Bielinska, 1958, 8'

This Cannes 1959 short film award winner (for the best concept), is a love story told entirely with matches and matchboxes, the shadows they cast, and the sound effects they produce. 

STAIRS / Schody
dir. Stefan Schabenbeck, 1968, 7'13"

This award-winning metaphorical, doll animation depicts a character climbing up almost infinite flights of steps, only to become one of them at the (sad) end.

CAGES / Klatki
dir. Miroslaw Kijowicz, 1966, 7'

The winner of Grand Prix at the Annecy FF in 1967 as well as many international awards, Cages is an examination of a relationship between the system and an imprisoned individual, which teasingly questions the definition of freedom.

CHAIR / Fotel
dir. Daniel Szczechura, 1963, 5'30'

Szczechura uses a clean, graphic style to create a poignant parable about a struggle for power. Inside an anonymous monumental building, tiny characters move up and about, like pawns on a chessboard to reach to the chair of their desires.

THE CAT AND THE MOUSE / Myszka i kotek
dir. Wladyslaw Nehrebecki, 1958, 8'30"

Beautifully drawn, two animal characters in a perpetual chase morph into different shapes and constantly switch places.

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