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The International Theatre Institute (ITI), an international non-governmental organization (NGO), was founded in Prague in 1948 by UNESCO and the international theatre community. A worldwide network, ITI aims "to promote international exchange of knowledge and practice in theatre arts (drama, dance, music theatre in order to consolidate peace and solidarity between peoples, to deepen mutual understanding and increase creative co-operation between all people in the theatre arts."

Established in 1958, the Polish ITI Centre promotes and develops international cooperation in theatre arts and propagates Polish theatre throughout the world. The Polish Centre realizes its aims through helping foreigners to get acquainted with Polish theatre by introducing them to Polish theatre circles: theatre people, schools and organizations; giving information about repertoires, assisting in ordering theatre tickets, organizing visits, meetings and events, and publishing a bilingual quarterly, "Le Théâtre en Pologne/The Theatre in Poland". Its other activities include organizing conferences and seminars on a national and international scale and co-organizing international theatre festivals and occasionally guest performances in Poland, as well as running personal exchange programs with other ITI Centres. The. Polish ITI Centre is also responsible for passing information, articles, photos, and posters concerning Polish theatre to individuals and institutions requesting them, choosing Polish representatives to a number of international festivals, theatre meetings, training courses, etc.

The Centre also presents three annual awards on World Theatre Day:

The Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz Prize - given to foreigners for the dissemination of Polish theatre culture throughout the world;

The Theatre Critics' Section Award - given to Polish theatre groups or individuals for promoting Polish theatre abroad;

The Theatre Critics' Section Award for the "Theatre Book of the Year".

Secretary General of the Polish ITI Centre: Malgorzata Semil
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