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Przemyslaw Jasielski, born 1970, lives and works in Poznan, Poland. He creates installations and elegant sculptural objects that combine art and science in provocative and unexpected ways. His works often incorporate sound and allow for the interaction of the viewer. He recently created Earth Rotation Speed Control Unit for a solo exhibition in Montreal that was precisely calibrated to affect the rotation of the Earth. He studied and currently teaches at the Poznan Academy of Fine Art.

During his studies Jasielski was already exhibiting his works in galleries and art centers in Poland and Slovakia, later - after completing his master's degree in 1994 - in Cracow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw, and abroad: Drewen and Oldenburg in Germany, Guernsey in the U.K., and Montreal.

"Generally he uses a variety of means of expression, such as drawings, objects, sound installations, etc. Such diverse media are chosen by him according to the concepts and meanings he wants to explore or to question. For a long period he was investigating the issue of ephemeral beings pictured in art history, such as angels, focusing in particular on the imaginary phenomenon of "the sound of an angel's wings". All "material" elements of his installations are organized in such a way that they react to the viewer's presence, both in a physical and in an imaginary sense - this is why his works are poetical and provocative at the same time." - Maria Anna Potocka, director, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow

"He is a rational investigator trying to approach the mystery of phenomena through the use of cleverly invented apparatuses and 'scientific' tricks. He could be seen admiringly as a brave experimenter who, with no fear of obstacles or effort, only aspires, in spite of everything, to objective knowledge. He could be& if it were not for the subject of his investigations. [...] The "proportion of the absurd" that is due to art stems from the evident gulf between the irrational scope of his investigations and the neutral attitude of the artist or the rationality of the method he employs. [...] No one can have any doubt that we are dealing with a search for art, and not for the truth." - Maria Anna Potocka, "Innocent Presumptuousness", in the catalogue: "Przemyslaw Jasielski, Earth Rotation Speed Control Unit", Optica Gallery, Montreal, January 2003.

"Given a place to stand, Archimedes asserted, he could move the world. Przemyslaw Jasielski's ambition is far less conditional. Allied with Isaac Newton, he can alter the spin of the earth. He also allows his audience to engage the same physical laws and so spotlights the myriad intimacies of angular momentum." - Dr. E.C. Krupp, astronomer and director of the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, in the catalogue: "Przemyslaw Jasielski, Earth Rotation Speed Control Unit", Optica Gallery, Montreal, January 2003
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