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Michal Walczak, b. 1980, trained as a theater director at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw and is one of the most popular and prolific Polish playwrights of the younger generation. He made his debut with Sandbox in 2001, a story about His and Her inability to articulate emotions and about the need for love. The play was staged at 11 theaters in Poland and the US and translated into German, English, Hungarian, Czech, and Italian. Among Walczak's other plays are The Journey to the Inside of the Room, staged at 5 theatres and translated into German, Dutch, and Lithuanian; The Night Bus, translated into German and awarded the jury prize at the 2007 tenth annual Heidelberg Theater Days; The River, the Mine, translated into German and Russian; and The First Time, translated into German and French, a story in which He and She are trying on successive rainy nights to take the first step toward their erotic initiation. But there is always something that prevents them from fulfilling their desires. The play was awarded the main prize at the Forum for Young Authors at the 2006 Heidelberger St├╝ckemarkt. Walczak also wrote two plays for children: The Last Daddy and The Sad Princess. In 2008 he presented Sandbox and The First Time at "Made in Poland: A Festival of New Polish Plays" in New York.

Michal Walczak wrote about his new plays that "they are based primarily on a ferocious, tragi-comical rough-and-tumble between the sexes, with all the cruelty and humor of mutual misunderstanding between the contemporary SHE and HE".
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