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Baaba - a quartet composed of Bartosz Weber, Macio Moretti, Piotr Zabrodzki, and Tomasz Duda - was founded by Bartosz Weber in 2000. By the end of its first year, Baaba had won over a large base of fans and critics around Poland and Europe with their wild concerts that border on performance art. Baaba has played all over the continent (England, France, Germany, Russia), at respected jazz and electonica festivals and in clubs including the Fertilizer Festival (London, Leeds), SKIF Festival (St. Petersburg), United Islands of Prague , Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, JVC Jazz Festival (Warsaw), Les Nuits Europeenes (Strasbourg), Terra Polska (Berlin), Unsound on Tour (Minsk, Belarus), Top Fest Zelena Voda (Slovakia).

After six years and four studio albums, Baaba has been described as a Polish underground supergroup, and is frequently joined by famous jazz and underground musicians and producers known for collaborations including the best known names from the worlds of pop and the avantgarde. Beginning from electronica, their music has evolved into a mixture with the avantgarde, resulting in their latest album,Disco Externo (April 2010) receiving enthusiastic reviews in major Polish magazines. 2011 brought yet another project from the band - the album entitled Baaba Kulka filled with their interpretations of songs by Iron Maiden. This album divided critics who loved the record and hard core metal fans who were disgusted at the band's desecration of their idols, all of which made the band extremely joyous.

The current live line-up includes: Tomasz Duda (saxophones, flute, sampler), Bartosz Weber (guitar, sampler ), Piotr Zabrodzki (bas ), Macio Moretti (drums).


Baaba (Cpt. Sparky, 2000)

Con Gas! (Teeto Records, 2002)

Remixas Congas (Lado ABC, 2004)

Poope Musique (Lado ABC, 2006)

Baaba w Akwarium (live - Supported by Lado ABC, 2008)

Disco Externo (Lado ABC, 2010)

Baaba Kulka (Mystic, 2011)
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