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Michal Jacaszek makes music that combines electronic sounds with acoustic instruments. He also composes soundtracks and theatre music and is a co-curator of the C3 Festival (Club Contemporary Classical), held in 2011 in Berlin, Essen and Gdansk.

His latest album Glimmer (2011 Ghostly International/Gusstaff) is a natural product of Jacaszek's constant search for new forms of electroacoustic chamber music. Subtle, almost unfinished, vanishing electronic parts are completed by sounds of harpsichord (Malgorzata Skotnicka), bass clarinet (Andrzej Wojciechowski) and metallophone (Jacaszek). The musical harmony and melodies of Glimmer recall baroque chamber music, but the counterpoint of clarinet, metallophone and characteristic electronic phrases gives Jacaszek's music a fresh, unique form, bringing him close to contemporary artists such as Ben Frost, Colleen, and Tim Hecker.

On Pentral (2009), Jacaszek draws the picture of Gothic church interior. Organ phrases, vocal samples, bells, and incidental noises were recorded and then used to make harmonies and melodies portraying the church as a place filled with distant mysteries, a huge musical instrument.

On Treny (Laments, 2008 Miasmah / Gusstaff), Jacaszek uses the sounds of a harp, piano and the string orchestra, to explore new regions of classical music, with mournful, slowly repeating electronic phrases, violin harmonies and beautiful, delicately processed electronic vocals, silence and concentration, longing and anguish. The project features Stefan Wesolowski (string instruments arrangements, violin), Anna Zmiszek-Wesolowska (cello), and Maja Sieminska (vocals).

Theatre and film music comprise a significant portion of Jacaszeks work. Jacaszek won the Grand Prix at Dwa Teatry (Two Theaters) Festival for music composed for the play Golgota Wroclawska (Wroclaw Golgotha), directed by Jan Komasa. He wrote music for two plays directed by Michal Siegoczynski: 2084 and Showtime. He also created music for There are no others, there is only us, a film directed by Marc Silver, as well as for Nigdy nie wrocisz do domu (You will never come back home), a documentary by Jolanta Krysowata. His latest work was the soundtrack for the feature The Suicide Room, directed by Jan Komasa.

Jacaszek has performed in Great Britain (Fertilizer Festival), USA (UNSOUND New York), The Netherlands (Urbanexplorer Festival), Belgium (Fereejen Festival), Portugal, Ukraine, Sweden, Slovakia, Germany, as well as in Poland at the most important festivals: Heineken Opener Festival, Off Festival, Tauron Nowa Muzyka and Unsound Festival Krakow.


Jacaszek/Milka, Mapa (Offmusic Rec 2001)

Jacaszek, Lo-Fi Stories (Gusstaff Records 2004)

Jacaszek/Milka, Sequel (Gusstaff Records 2006)

Wesolowski/Jacaszek, Kompleta

Jacaszek, Treny (MIASMAH / Gusstaff Records 2008)

Jacaszek, Pentral (CD+DVD with 5.1 Dolby Surround mix, Gusstaff Records 2009)

Jacaszek, Glimmer (Ghostly International 2011 / Gusstaff Records)

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