Traditional Polish Food

Traditional Polish Food And Drinks You Cannot Miss Out On!

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Poland is well-known for its majestic castles, gorgeous cities, and diversified topography. However, Poland is also renowned for its exquisite traditional foods and drinks, which should not be missed when visiting the country. Most of its dishes are filling, so you won’t be hungry while wandering the streets of Poland. In addition, the country is well-known for its freshly brewed beer. If you visit Poland, these are some of the best traditional drinks and foods to enjoy.


If Japan is the Sushi capital of the world, Poland is unquestionably the Pierogi capital. Pierogi is one of the first traditional meals you should try if you visit Poland. These are dumplings with a sweet or savoury filling on the inside. They are boiled and are frequently pan-fried before eating. They can be served as an appetiser, main course, or dessert. Pierogi may appear small, but they are incredibly filling due to the savoury fillings of cheese, potato, mushroom, cabbage, and meat.

E. Wedel Hot Chocolate

E. Wedel Hot Chocolate

If you like chocolate, E. Wedel in Poland is where to go. With over 170 years of experience, they are one of Poland’s major chocolate and confectionery manufacturers. Their famed hot chocolate is something you should try if you visit. When you go into the shop, the rich aroma of the chocolate will make you feel wonderful. Their hot chocolate is out of this world, giving those who drink it a sensation of freshness and comfort.


When talking about the traditional dishes in Poland, there must be some dishes with cabbage. Golabki is another classic Polish dish prepared with cabbage, a typical Polish ingredient. This dish consists of minced pork, onions, rice, mushrooms, and spices wrapped in boiled cabbage leaves. This dish is typically served with a thick tomato sauce and boiled potatoes on the side. Golabki is a special dish that you can mostly find in special events, festivals and wedding ceremonies.


Piwo, or beer in ordinary parlance, is a typical Polish drink freshly brewed in the country. You can walk into any grocery shop or liquor store and find a wide variety of beer flavours. Polish beer is made to strict norms using only safe and natural components. Tyskie, ywiec, ubr, and Okocim are some well-known beers.



If you like doughnuts and want to experience some Polish delicacies, you should try Pączki, the Polish version of doughnuts. Pączki are classic Polish doughnuts composed of yeast dough, milk, eggs, and butter. These doughnuts are typically deep-fried and filled with various sweet fillings. Fillings can range from basic chocolate fillings to fresh fruity jam fillings. These deep friend sphere balls are then coated or glazed with powdered sugar to top it off.


GrzaniecGalicyjski is Grzane Wino or Mulled Wine, widely available in Poland during the Christmas season. This wine has a distinct flavour since it is made with red wine, cinnamon, bitter orange, cloves, sugar, and other spices. You may also mix it with other drinks like vodka to make it stronger; it will taste just as nice.

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